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All U.S. military personnel who participated in the Battles of Bataan and Corregidor between December 7, 1941 and May 10, 1942 are eligible for a variety of awards and decorations from both the U.S. and Philippine Governments. In some cases, an individual may be eligible for multiple awards of certain decorations. Determining exactly what an individual is eligible for takes a bit of research.


Basic criteria for common awards are discussed in this link.


Additional information is available in the following links.


Army Regulation 600-8-22, Military Awards (This is a large file) (Relevant pages from AR 600-8-22 are extracted at this smaller link)


DA Pamphlet 672-1, dated 1 July 1961, Unit Citation and Campaign Participation Credit Register is the basic publication for determination of eligibility. This large file may be downloaded from the official U.S. Army website or at this link. Either way, it will take a while to download.


Awards for Meritorious Service

Bronze Star, AR 600-8-22, 3-15(3), DA Pam 672.1, July 1961, (Awarded on basis of PUC)

Distinguished Unit Citation (Presidential Unit Citation), AR 600-8-22, 7-13, DA Pam 672-1, July 1961

POW Medal, AR 600-8-22, 2-9, 10 US Code 1128

Purple Heart Medal, AR 600-8-22, 2-8, DoD Policy Letter on Posthumous Award of the Purple Heart Medal to Prisoners of War Who Died While in Captivity as a Prisoner of War.

Philippine Presidential Unit Citation, AR 600-8-22, 9-20, DA GO 47-50


Campaign and service decorations

Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal, AR 600-8-22, 5-14

WWII Victory Medal, AR 600-8-22, 5-12

American Campaign Medal, AR 600-8-22, 5-15

American Defense Service Medal w/clasp, AR 600-8-22, 5-17

Philippine Defense Medal w/Bronze Service Star, AR 600-8-22, 9-7

Phillippines Campaign Medal, AR 600-8-22, 5-26

Gold Star Lapel Pin, AR 600-8-22, 6-17

Honorable Service Lapel Pin (Survivors only), AR 600-8-22, 6-16b


Awards Presented by the Philippine Government

This letter from the Philippine Veterans Affairs Office lists the awards and eligibility criteria for them. This agency is very pleasant and easy to work with.


Information concerning the Congressional Gold Medal for Filipino Veterans of World War II is available at





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